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Written & Directed by Whitney White

August 4, 2021—October 24, 2021

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In your everyday life, how do you encounter Black women? As the first voice you hear when you bump your favorite diva's new song? A millisecond of eye contact with the lady who made your salad? A brief conversation with the woman watching your kids? A coworker? A politician on the screen? Perhaps you simply have to look in the mirror.

By Kristina Wong
Directed by Chay Yew

October 25, 2021—November 21, 2021

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As the demand for masks abated and we began to return safely to space, Kristina Wong was beginning to put her life together post-pandemic cult leadership. With hilarity and boundless generosity, she invited the audience in on her work building community in isolation, while reflecting on what we'd been through and imagining what we wanted to become.

By Aleshea Harris
Directed by Whitney White
Choreographed by Raja Feather Kelly

February 5, 2022—March 20, 2022

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Sugarland is on precarious soil—three mobile homes line a southern cul-de-sac replete with years and years of decorative folk-art treasures and keepsakes. Young Sadie calls on generations of matriarchal ancestors to find the truth about her mother while the denizens of Sugarland rise each day to holler for the dead—conscripted soldiers lost to a greedy war...

Based on the life of Miriam Makeba
By Somi Kakoma
Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz
Choreography by Marjani Forté-Saunders
Music Direction by Hervé Samb
A co-production with National Black Theatre

May 17, 2022—June 26, 2022

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At her final concert, South African musical legend and activist Miriam Makeba delivers the performance of her life.