Great theatre is like a great teacher: it inspires us, challenges us, and opens us up to the wonders of the world.


We’re determined to use the power of theatre to learn and grow. Whether you’re a young person, an elder, an early-career professional, or simply a theatre fan, we’ve got an opportunity for you to jump into the conversation.

  • Students learn the craft of theatre through our Learning Workshop in-school initiatives. Participants examine and create plays that speak to contemporary themes, engage in meaningful, thought-provoking conversations with our incredible teaching artists, and attend special student matinee performances of NYTW productions.
  • Other young people explore collaborative devising models to create bold, activist theatre as part of our Youth Artistic Instigators ensemble.
  • Members of our community are invited to take the experience of seeing theatre to the next level by participating in talkbacks and discussion groups as a part of our Public Programs; intergenerational Mind the Gap workshops; behind-the-scenes Casebook classes; and other popular initiatives.
  • Professional artists and administrators are supported at the very beginning of their careers through our Fellowships and our Master Classes serve the artist in all of us regardless of where we are on our artistic journey.

Theatre can be about more than just seeing a show. It’s about participating in a community-wide conversation, meeting new people, and coming to a deeper understanding of the world we all share.

We use theatre techniques to accomplish the following goals:

  • TRANSFORM classrooms by collaborating with teachers and using theatre to create learning opportunities for students across the curriculum.
  • ENRICH students’ multiple literacies by exposing them to the process of developing new work and teaching them multiple elements of dramatic craft.
  • ENGAGE students in theatrical experiences that address society’s universal themes while developing their ability to think critically about the plays they attend.
  • FOSTER candid and meaningful dialogue among artists and audiences of diverse backgrounds and generations.
  • ENHANCE the experience of our productions with discussion events and resources, encouraging active audience participation and expanding the definition of what theatre can be to help us better understand our world.
  • PROVIDE professional development and training opportunities for theatre artists, practitioners and educators at all stages of their careers.