Work With Us

Sometimes it isn’t enough to watch great theatre. Sometimes you have to help make it.

All of us at NYTW are motivated by a heartfelt belief in what theatre can do. We know that plays matter because we’ve seen them matter—not just in the lives of artists and audiences, but in our own lives as well.

We know from experience that something unique and powerful happens when a group of strangers comes together in a darkened theatre. Every day we work to share that experience with as many people as we can.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d love to meet you. See below for all available job openings.


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For certain positions, we keep resumes on file.

If you’re a director, you may submit a cover letter, current resume and references to Aaron Malkin and Rachel Silverman.

If you’re an actor, you may submit a headshot and resume.

If you’re a playwright, please see our submission guidelines.

If you’re looking for Production Positions (union and non-union stage managers and assistant stage managers, production assistants, sound, video, carpentry, electrics and wardrobe), you may submit a cover letter, current resume and references.