Rent Space @ NYTW

NYTW’s two theatres and rehearsal studio are available to rent. To inquire about rentals, please contact

NYTW Facilities

Theatre 79

Theatre 79
79 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
(wheelchair accessible)

Please note that the Theatre 79, NYTW’s 199 seat theatre, at 79 East 4th Street is only available in the summer, usually July – August. The Fourth Street Theatre is available year round for rental use.

Rates available upon request.

Grid Height: 21′
Stage Dimensions: 46′ 9.5″ w  x  30′ 11.25″ d
Seats: 199 (fixed seating)

Fourth Street Theatre

Fourth Street Theatre
83 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
Available for rehearsals, readings and performance rentals.
(not wheelchair accessible)

Commercial Rates:
Weekly: $3,100

Nonprofit Rates:
Weekly: $2,800

Please note that hourly or daily rental requests will only be considered within 30 days of the desired start date.

Grid Height: 10′ 8.25″
Stage Dimensions: 23′ 11″ w  x  33′ 8.25″ d
Seats: 65 (fixed seating)


(10) Source Four Jr 50 degree
(6) Altman 6″ Fresnels
(10) Source Four 50 degree
(1) ETC Expression 3 light board
(2) 24 pack dimmers

(2) OAP Audio brand 15″ speakers
(1) Mackie 1204 sound board
(1) QSC PLX 1500a amp
(1) 1/8″ jack adaptor

The floor and walls may be painted, but must be restored to flat black
Items such as flats may be screwed into the floor, but nothing may be screwed or bolted into the walls

Standard Option 1: (2) velour drapes (both 12′ W x 12′ L) with a center part
Standard Option 2: (1) velour drape (20′ W x 12′ L) with a SL entrance and (1) leg

Renters have access to brooms and mops
NYTW’s custodians will vacuum and take care of trash weekly and as needed
The theatre is equipped with air conditioning. The temperature is adjustable within the theatre, but not in the dressing room.

We provide:
Wireless internet
Spare lamps
Gel holders
(2) Ladders
(2) Folding tables
(2) Acting cubes

We do NOT provide:
Monitor system
Com system
Laundry facilities
First Aid

Space Dimensions
Deck Depth 33′
Deck Width 22′ 6″
Ceiling Height 11′
Grid Height 10′

The piano backstage is available for use, moving and tuning at renter’s expense
The light board cannot be moved out of the booth under any circumstances
The lofted storage area backstage cannot be used for storage or as a playing space

Nearest Hardware Store:
ACE Brickman 1st Ave btwn 3rd & 4th

Nearest Laundromat:
Lucky 999 2nd Ave btwn 3rd & 4th

Nearest Copy Shops:
East 4th Street Copy Shop 4th Street btwn Bowery and 2nd
Kinko’s Astor Place btwn Lafayette and Broadway


Rehearsal Studio

NYTW Rehearsal Studio
83 East 4th Street, 3rd Floor
Available for rehearsals, readings and non-performance rentals (third floor walkup, no elevator, not wheelchair accessible)

Please note: 3rd Floor walk-up, no elevator (not wheelchair accessible)
Rates for rehearsals, readings, and non-performance rentals

Commercial Rates:
Week: $2,500

Nonprofit Rates:
Week: $2,000

Please note that any use of the space during non-business hours (Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm) may require the hire of additional NYTW on-site personnel. Personnel requirements are not included in the above rates.

Ceiling Height: 12′ 6″
Room Dimensions: 23′ 3″ w  x  47′ 2″ d
Seats: 50 (chairs)

We provide:
Wireless internet
(50) chairs
(5) tables