Script Submission Guidelines

We are driven by a desire to build and sustain relationships with artists; thus, our artistic staff remains in regular communication with our extraordinary Usual Suspects as well as those with whom we have long-standing relationships. We accept agent submissions and regularly attend readings, festivals and productions at local, national and international venues. Our developmental and production opportunities are programmed through these channels.

If your work is unable to come to us through one of these avenues, we will accept submissions, including solo pieces, musicals, full-length and one-act plays, to familiarize ourselves with your work. We recommend that you peruse our history and production archives to get a better understanding of the kind of material we develop and produce. Unless otherwise discussed with a member of our artistic staff, your submission will only be reviewed if it includes all of the following components:

  1. Cover letter articulating how your piece speaks to NYTW’s mission and body of work
  2. Synopsis
  3. Ten-page dialogue sample

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we can only respond to the projects that we wish to pursue. Please be patient. Turnaround time for material sent to our office is approximately six months. We need this time to give every submission ample review. We read every submission, and after reading a synopsis/sample, we may ask to see the entire script.


We only accept emailed submissions addressed to In the subject heading please type: “Synopsis Submission.”