Bexley, OH(!), or, Two Tales of One City


Written and performed by Prudence Wright Holmes
Direction Lisa Peterson

2002/03 Season

February 20, 2003—March 10, 2003

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Bexley, OH(!), or, Two Tales of One City, are the first two stories in an unfolding collection that NYTW Usual Suspect Prudence Wright Holmes is writing about her hometown of Bexley, Ohio. Bexley, OH(!) is the first production in NYTW’s upcoming series with a common theme: the American family. Prudence lived in Bexley during the buttoned-down, repressed 1950s and the Nehru jacket, sideburn-wearing 1960s; seen through Prudence’s brutally honest eyes and pierced with exquisite detail, Bexley, OH(!) chronicles this American community responding and changing to the march of time. The first story, Dr. Sam is Under Your Bed, focuses on Prudence’s father, and his obsession with the infamous Dr. Sam Sheppard, a man questionably convicted of the 1954 murder of his wife, Marilyn. (You may recall that the Dr. Sam case was the inspiration for the television series, The Fugitive.) In the second story, The African Violet Society, Prudence’s mother immerses herself into the internecine workings of the most exclusive ladies club in town, the African Violet Society.