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January 28, 2022   by NYTW

Welcome back to another community spotlight! This week we’re spotlighting our fabulous Education Associate, Psacoya Guinn. Psacoya joined the team over the summer and has already established herself as a vital member of the NYTW community. Among many other things, she works in tandem with the rest of the Education team to help facilitate our education programs, including Mind the Gap and Youth Artistic Instigators. Check out her interview below!

Tell us about your role at NYTW and what inspires you most about what you do here?

As the Education Associate, I provide administrative and pedagogical support for all in school and after school programming, including Learning Workshop, Mind the Gap, Youth Artistic Instigators and the 2050 Administrative Fellowship.

How do you see the landscape of theatre changing in terms of the education sector?

I think going through a pandemic has opened the eyes of educational administrators and they’ve realized social and emotional learning is now more important than ever. Theatre is great for that facilitation and I see a future where theatre is used more as a tool in classrooms and not just as an elective for students.

How do you personalize the work you do with students and what do you enjoy most about working with them?

I always try to bring my authentic self in my work with students – including my quirks. I don’t try to model myself as this perfect facilitator who has all the answers. One, that’s boring and two, I genuinely love learning from others including students. Regardless if it’s the newest TikTok craze or learning the latest song by a popular young star, the students keep me updated.

What memory of theatre or a production resonates with you most and why?

I really loved Sanctuary City. I saw it three times! I also loved hearing the stories that came out of that production. I had the honor of leading an Afterwords talkback with community leaders within various organizations serving LGBTQ+ and undocumented youth in NYC. I was so moved by hearing their personal stories. I loved that Sanctuary City served as a gateway for them to share their stories.

When you are not at the theatre…what are you binge watching or listening to (podcasts or music)?

Well I’m currently obsessed with my Peloton so when I’m not at the workshop or at a school I’m usually working out on my Peloton. I love it so much! However, I recently found myself listening to Dropping Gems by Devi Brown. It’s a great podcast. I leave every episode so encouraged.

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