November 2, 2023   by Merryn Johns for INTO

Director Leigh Silverman and Playwright Hansol Jung sit down with Merryn Johns from INTO to talk lesbians, orgasms, and why Leigh’s North Star for Merry Me was The Muppet Show.

“Trailblazing director Leigh Silverman ably guides Hansol Jung’s play, which forgoes victimization, trauma, and tropes we have perhaps come to expect from female-centered theater. There is, however, lots of arch wordplay, simulated sex, and — as with the mannered conventions of Restoration comedy — reality flies out the window.”

“The moment a Black Sapphic angel introduces us to Lieutenant Shane Horne as “God’s gift to lady parts of all shapes, colors, and vintages,” Merry Me promises a wild ride centering on lesbian eros. And it delivers.”

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