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Time is flying! From the date of publish, our newest cohort of 2050 Administrative Fellows has been working alongside us for a few weeks now. We’ve loved getting to know each of them in the office every day and we’re sure you’d love getting to know them too.

While you can read their bios here, get to know each of them more casually below:

Nia Abdullah (Education & Engagement)
Favorite Show: Phantom of the Opera
As a proud Rutgers University grad, Nia is bringing her teaching talents across the Holland tunnel. We can’t wait to see her blossom this season!

Daniel Davila (Finance & Operations)
Favorite Show: The Hunting Gun by Yasushi Inoue
Hailing from the University of Houston, as a ballet dancer, Daniel can balance more than just a budget!

Yulidal Hernandez Kin (Production Management)
Favorite Shows: Memphis and A Wonderful World
As a Bronx native with a passion for the stage, she’ll bring her experiences as a TV production assistant to the world of theatre.

Amiah McGinty (Artistic Workshop)
Favorite Show: What to Send Up… by Aleshea Harris
Coming from Howard University in Washington D.C., her mission for diverse stories and spaces will be right at home here.

Maya QuiƱones (Literary)
Favorite Show: Cabaret
A graduate of the University of South Florida, she’ll be evaluating scripts and digging deep into dramatic works with her empathy and critical thinking.

Patrick Saint Ange (Marketing)
Favorite Show: Blu by Virginia Grise
A New Yorker and recent grad of Binghamton University, he brings his filmmaking experience to the Workshop. Be on the look out for more video content across our social platforms.

Corey Bravo Sloan (Development)
Favorite Show: Our Dear Dead Drug Lord by Alexis Scheer
A NYC native, he brings to the Workshop his past experience in the NYC theatre world and love of connecting with others through theatre to help NYTW continue to thrive this fall and beyond.

Sammy Womack (Executive)
Favorite Show: Alice by Heart
This California native and UCLA grad gets to experience NYC fall with us for the first time! As a theater-maker and producer, Sammy gets to master the inner workings of a nonprofit institution firsthand.

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