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In these politically tumultuous times, Artistic Instigator, NYTW Usual Suspect & Pulitzer Prize-winning Playwright Doug Wright believes that comedians ​have become ​the most potent truth tellers in an era of misinformation, often exceeding news sources in bringing crucial stories to the country’s attention and outpacing ​pundits and elected officials.


In a series of provocative and mirthful ​interviews with some of our sharpest contemporary satirists, Doug interrogates the idea that comedians are both the culture’s true patriots and fit​ the classic model of “clown” or ​”court jester” in Shakespearean drama, using humor to articulate the ​day’s most pressing, urgent truths.




What Are You Doing with Your Sanity? In Conversation with Andy Borowitz

From his early days working with Norman Lear to his take on President-Elect Joe Biden (he’d love to paint his walls “Joe Biden white”), New Yorker writer Andy Borowitz delves into what it means to be preaching to the converted.


We Wish We Could Say That: In Conversation with Aasif Mandvi

Actor, playwright and political commentator Aasif Mandvi shares anecdotes ​from his time on The Daily Show and how his life as ​a theater artist intersected ​and informed his role as a political commentator.


A Million Tiny Revolutions: In Conversation with Nancy Giles

Actor and CBS Sunday Morning Special Correspondent Nancy Giles (China Beach, Working Girl) discusses her comedic idols, cancel culture, and the way that she relies on humor to provoke change time and time again.


Inviting Outrage: In Conversation with Paul Rudnick

Playwright and Screenwriter Paul Rudnick reflects on ​his use of humor to challenge conventions throughout his illustrious career​, including plays like Jeffrey, films like In & Out, and television events like the recent Coastal Elites.


Late Night Comedy: In Conversation with Jenny Hagel

Jenny talks the politics of comedy as writer on a daily late night show (Late Night with Seth Meyers) as she gears up to become head writer and executive producer of The Amber Ruffin Show, slated to debut this fall on streaming service Peacock.

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