Created By Members of the Dominican Artists Collective
Directed by Melissa Crespo

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The Dominican Artists Collective welcomes you to the real Washington Heights—our beloved barrio and our home away from home, filled with delicious food and bangin’ island tunes, where melodic Dominican Spanish crashes into the hustle and grind of the New York accent. From one island to another, palm trees to concrete. Come kick it with the Dominican Artists Collective as we journey through our rich, complex, untold stories and deep rooted ancestral knowledge, all while wrestling with our American experience: how we view the world around us while contemplating how to make art during these times.

In THE COOKING PROJECT, travel with the DAC as they travel through time and space to explore their Diasporic journey—where they come from, and how they came to be.



In the Fall of 2019, Paola Alexandra Soto and Andres Santiago Piña, the cofounders of the Dominican Artists Collective (DAC) gathered together a small group of multidisciplinary artists who’s upbringing is Dominican in Washington Heights with the intention of fostering the creation and production of original work by Dominican artists. The group includes actors, directors, writers, producers, visual artists, musicians, theater and film makers.

It was at this first meeting the cofounders shared their vision with the group, to create a collective that was dedicated to producing the work by Dominican artists for a Dominican and American audience. The aim of the group is to create artistic work that examines and celebrates the Dominican culture both in the Dominican Republic and abroad. As part of their commitment to the development of new work DAC hosts a weekly sharing session featuring original pieces by Dominican playwrights, painters, musicians, podcasters, and poets. These sessions have become part of the cornerstone of the community that Dominican Artists Collective is building.

Whether it’s producing pop-up performances in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx dedicated to showcasing work that explores Dominican identity in all its forms and places. All of the members of DAC are dedicated to building a safe space for work by Dominican artists. Thereby creating a place where the full extent and breath of the Dominican diaspora can exist.

Follow their work at DominicanArtistsCollective.com.

DAC members include Angie Abreu, Carlos Andrickson, Massiel Armengot, Sean Carvajal, Julissa Contreras, Zahaira Curiel, Guadalís Del Carmen, Cindy De La Cruz, Daniella De Jesús, Yohanna Florentino, Xavier Galva, Gineiris Garcia, Katherine George, Kelvin Grullon, Dilson Hernandez, Glenís Hunter, Maribel Martinez, Andres Pina, Mitchie Ramirez, Saso, Paola Alexandra Soto, Ed Ventura, Merlixse Ventura and Little Veras.


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