Written by Victor I. Cazares
Directed by Borna Barzin

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Episode 2: Sliding Scales

Episode 2 finds Penny Marshall (not the real Penny Marshall) and her assistant/only employee Martin working at breakneck speeds as her financial advice seminars gain popularity among celebrities, social media influencers, and Instacart executives alike – but some people are taking advantage of her sliding scale rate! Martin is tasked with investigating the biggest abuser: Ellen Degeneres, which is very inconvenient for her as she (unsuccessfully) attempts to compose a public apology. Will Karens ever be stopped? Will the end times be brought on by the proliferation of time (and necropolitics)? What the hell happened at the end of this episode??!


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America’s unfolding trilogy of tragedy has a stopgap and its name is Penny Marshall. She doesn’t want you to survive this pandemic. She wants you to thrive this pandemic. W
elcome to Pinching Pennies with Penny Marshall, an EXTREMELY limited series of financial advice Zoom webinars for OnlyFans content creators, InstaCart executives, and the cleaning staff of a clandestine TikTok Hype House McMansion.


Over the course of three episodes you will learn how to balance a pandemic budget, whether or not you qualify for Penny’s sliding scale, and who to talk to if you need to escape the country. Interwoven/intertwerked into these Master Classes is a cohesive overarching and affecting narrative about this person who is not and will never be Penny Marshall.


Project Manager Alfredo Macias



Alton Alburo (Martin)
Randa Jarrar (Manzanita)
Olivia Jimenez (Frances McDormand as Madre Cabrona)
April Matthis (Ellen DeGeneres)
Pooya Mohseni (Leo Scorpio, Esq. MD/PHD MBA)
Ashton Muniz (BBSloppyJoe)
Jesus I. Valles (Penny Marshall)

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