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He Leo Aloha explores the power and limits of the leo (voice and language). The play follows a group of college students on a quest to scrutinize and find true aloha in one another and in the knowledge of their ancestors through their own ingenuity in applying their ancestral language. On this journey they seek to weave the world of their ancestors into their own words, allowing for multi-generational communication in each utterance, imbuing their words with mana (divine power, authority). Traditional mele and original oli are utilized to communicate and highlight the power of the leo. He Leo Aloha is a story about the power of language and the vital importance of communication, articulating that a mastery of language is the power to remedy any situation.


Presented by Hawaiian Theatre Program of the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Written and Directed by MFA Candidate Kaipulaumakaniolono
Music Direction and Arrangement by Ka Waihona A Ke AlohaKumu R. Keawe Lopes Jr. & the Tuahine Troupe

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