What You Get And What You Expect


Text Jean-Marie Besset
Direction Chris Ashley
Translation Hal J. Witt

1999/00 Season

March 3, 2000—March 30, 2000

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When two rival architects compete for the French appointment to design the first monument on the moon, their shared pasts become present, intersecting subplots of sexual betrayal and intrigue.  These characters approach their architectural vision and design with clarity, precision and skill.  However, as the play progresses, the men find the complication and confusion in their personal lives more daunting.  Besset’s twists of fate are cunningly theatrical and at the same time full of compassion for human imperfection—a trick that perhaps only the French can pull off.  Besset offers a lean, sophisticated play with a gleaming aesthetic and brimming eroticism.

Scenic Design Klara Zieglerova
Costume Design Amela Baksic
Lighting Design Frances Aronson
Sound Design Kurt B. Kellenberger
Casting Bernard Telsey Casting
Stage Manager Lee J. Kahrs
Assistant Stage Manager Elizabeth Moreau

with Stephen Caffrey, David Chandler, T. Scott Cunningham, Adam Greer, Peter Jacobson, Kathryn Meisle and Pamela Payton-Wright