Unfinished Stories


Text Sybille Pearson
Direction Gordon Dacidson
In association with the Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum

1993/94 Season

February 4, 1994—March 14, 1994

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The fascinating story of one woman’s struggle to find her place within the generational conflict among the three men in her life.  This beautifully crafted play reveals how cataclysmic events of pre-war Nazi Germany reverberate within a modern New York City Jewish family.  The Old World values of the grandfather have not allowed him to understand his actor son who in turn, cannot comprehend his own twenty-something son.  A passionate investigation of the ties that blind.

Set Design Peter Wexler
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design Ken Billington
Sound Design Mark Bennett & Jon Gottlieb
Dramaturgy Leon Katz
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Terrence J. Witter
Associate Set Design Randall Richards

with Christopher Collet, E. Katherine Kerr, Laurence Luckinbill and Joseph Wiseman