Time Flies When You’re Alive


Text and Performance Paul Linke
Direction Mark W. Travis

1991/92 Season

February 19, 1992—March 8, 1992

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Paul Linke’s Time Flies When You’re Alive is a one-man play– part confession, part catharsis– based on reminiscences of Linke’s wife, Francesca Draper, and her determination to overcome a fatal bout with breast cancer.  Time Flies When You’re Alive chronicles Paul and Francesca’s ten year relationship, from the home birth of their three children, to Francesca’s embracement of non-traditional cancer treatments and her decision to die at home.  Time Flies When You’re Alive grew out of a eulogy Paul delivered at Francesca’s memorial service into a personal journey to maintain dignity, emotional honesty and a sense of humor in the face of one of life’s greatest challenges.

Flag Design Anders Holmquist
Music Francesca Draper Linke
Lighting Design Pat Dignan
Sound Design Mark Bennett
Stage Manager Liz Dreyer
Production Manager George Xenos