This is Modern Art


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Blessed Unrest presents This is Modern Art
By Idris Goodwin & Kevin Coval
Directed by Jessica Burr

June 2, 2018—June 27, 2018

Good Neighbor Program Directions Accessibility Calendar
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A team of artists who were never greeted inside the hallowed halls of the Art Institute of Chicago, decide to introduce themselves. They paint a fifty-foot graffiti piece on the towering wall of the New Modern Wing, asking us to reconsider what art is and where it belongs while bringing dire consequences on themselves. They are marginalized young men of color willing to risk everything to make their voices heard and prove that another paradigm is possible.

This acclaimed and controversial play, THIS IS MODERN ART, commissioned by Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago and written by Idris Goodwin and Kevin Coval, makes its New York premiere under the direction of Jessica Burr.


J.Stephen Brantley

Andrew Gonzalez

Ashley N. Hildreth

Nancy McArthur

Shakur Tolliver

Landon G. Woodson

Production Stage Manager – Darielle Shandler

Set Designer – Matt Opatrny

Costume Designer – Haydee Zelideth

Lighting Designer – Miriam Nilofa Crowe

Sound Designer – Adrian Bridges

Assistant Director – Ben Peterson

Publicist – PR-ism: Kamila Slawinski & Ivan Talijancic