The Select (The Sun Also Rises)


Based on the novel "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway
Creation Elevator Repair Service
Direction John Collins

2011/12 Season

August 19, 2011—October 23, 2011

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Elevator Repair Service completes its staging of a trilogy of classic American works with The Select ( The Sun Also Rises), a staging of Ernest Hemingway’s novel. A stage littered with liquor bottles and cafe chairs transforms seamlessly from Paris cafes to Pamplona streets. After their highly acclaimed adaptations of The Great Gatsby and The Sound and the Fury, ERS turns its sights on Hemingway’s alcohol-soaked expatriates in this world premiere that features the ensemble’s trademark sound design and highly energized choreography. Hemingway’s dry wit, a doomed romance and even live bullfighting (as re-imagined by ERS) make this a compelling conclusion to ERS’ exploration of modernist American literature of the 1920’s.

Producer Ariana Smart Truman
Stage Manager & Assistant Director Sarah Hughes
Set and Costume Design David Zinn
Lighting Design Mark Barton
Sound Design Matt Tierney and Ben Williams
Production Manager B.D. White
Additional Costumes Colleen Werthmann
Assistant Lighting Designer Dans Maree Sheehan
Dance & Movement Coach- Katherine Profeta
Sound Engineer- Jason Sebastian
Company Manager- Lindsay Hockaday

with Frank Boyd, Mike Iveson, Vin Knight, Kate Scelsa, Kaneza Schall, Pete Simpson, Susie Sokol, Lucy Taylor Matt Tierney and Ben Williams