The Rez Sisters


Text Tomson Highway
Direction Linda Chapman and Muriel Miguel

1993/94 Season

December 12, 1993—January 16, 1994

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A portrait of life on the Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve, The Rez Sisters weaves traditional Native-American music and dance to tell the story of seven feisty women who risk it all to win the “Biggest Bingo in the World”.  You’ll join the cast in the evening’s Bingo game, and test your skills to win the cash jackpot of $20!

Set Design Anita Stewart
Costume Design Anne C. Patterson
Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind
Movement Consultant Louis Mofsie
Music Consultant Kevin Tarrant
Design Consultant Tom Singleton
Vocal Consultant Jim Cyrus
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Deborah Ratelle

with Murielle Borst, Elvira Colorado, Hortensia Colorado, Lisa Mayo, Gloria Miguel, Muriel Miguel, Louis Mofsie, Kevin Tarrant and Sheila Tousey