The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told


Text Paul Rudnick
Direction Christopher Ashley

1998/99 Season

November 13, 1998—January 10, 1999

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“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told ponders what it would be like if the opposite were true. In this comedy about the struggle for faith- from Mesopotamia to Chelsea- Adam and Steve and Jane and Mabel- Earth’s first two couples- seek God on the ark, beside the pyramids, and at K-Mart on Christmas Eve.

Scenic Design Michael Brown
Costume Design Susan Hilferty
Lighting Design Donald Holder
Sound Design Darron L West
Choreography Joey Pizzi
Casting Bernard Telsey Casting
Stage Manager Charles Means
Assistant Stage Manager Lee J. Kahrs

with Joanna P Adler, Jenny Bacon, Becky Ann Baker, Peter Bartlett, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Lisa Kron, Orlando Pabotoy, Amy Sedaris and Alan Tudyk