The Investigation of the Murder in El Salvador


Text Charles L. Mee, Jr.
Direction David Schweizer

1988/89 Season

May 10, 1989—June 18, 1989

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The elegance of a seaside dinner party is contrasted with the brutal reality of life in El Salvador.

Production Assistant Elise-Ann Konstantin
Assistant Lighting Design Jeanne Koenig
Technical Supervisor Tom Carroll
Technical Direction Patrick Heydenburg
Scenic Construction Tom Carroll
Scenic Artist Peter Grzybowski
Hair Raih
Master Electrician Brian Aldous
Light Board Operator Brian McGarity
Wardrobe Supervisor Jeanne Thomas

with Kathleen Chalfant, Thom Christopher, Freddie Frankie, Peter Gordon, Eric Liljestrand, Tom McDermott,, Greg Mehrten, Leslie Nipkow, Paul Schmidt, Ned Sublette, Shona Tucker and Isiah Whitlock Jr.