The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


Text Rebecca Gilman
Based on the Novel by Carson McCullers
Direction Doug Hughes
A co-production with The Acting Company

2009/10 Season

November 13, 2009—December 20, 2009

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Carson McCullers’ classic novel is adapted for the stage by acclaimed playwright Rebecca Gilman (Spinning Into Butter) and directed by Doug Hughes (The Beard of Avon at NYTW, Doubt). The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is a beautiful and timeless tale about the universal need for human connection. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter follows the story of a deaf man, John Singer, as he navigates the world without his dearest friend who has been committed to an insane asylum. When Singer moves to a small Southern town, the locals flock to him as a newfound confidant, seeking compassion and understanding from the one person who needs it the most. Singer’s isolation in the world is mirrored in a few of the townspeople he meets along the way – a café owner, a rebellious teenager, a black physician, and an idealistic labor organizer whose dreams have been shattered. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter intertwines the lives of these characters in a surprising way that results in a deeply moving story of outcasts in the South during the Great Depression.

Set Design Neil Patel
Costume Design Catherine Zuber
Lighting Design Michael Chybowski
Original Music and Sound Design David Van Tieghem
Projection Design Jan Hartley

with Bob Braswell, Jimonn Cole, Michael Cullen, James McDaniel, Cristin Milliotti, Randall Newsome, Roslyn Ruff, I.N. Sierros, Henry Stram and Andrew Weems