The Gimmick


Creator and Performer Dael Orlandersmith
Direction Chris Coleman

1998/99 Season

April 16, 1999—May 23, 1999

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The Gimmick is a coming of age tale that centers on Alexis, who is eight year old and big for her age.  The first turning point in her life occurs when she meets Jimmy, a neighborhood boy about the same age.  Their subsequent bonding helps them rise above peer hostilities and parental abuse in the 1960’s and ‘70s.  They share time and dreams with one another: Alexis dreams in words and aspires to become a writer, Jimmy dreams in images and aspires to become a celebrated painter.  Together, the youngsters struggle through their early childhood days and discover the “gimmicks” that enable them to transcend the daily hardships they encounter in East Harlem.

Scenic and Costume Design Scott Pask
Lighting Design Matthew Frey
Sound Design Kurt Kellenberger
Stage Manager Martha Donaldson