The Architecture of Loss


Text Julia Cho
Direction Chay Yew

2003/04 Season

December 19, 2003—January 25, 2004

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As The Architecture of Loss begins, Greg unexpectedly returns to Tucson, to the family that he fled over a decade earlier. Greg’s reunion does not go as he planned when he finds out that his young son, David, disappeared sometime after he left. With lost possibilities and unfulfilled expectations hovering in the intense August heat, Greg, his wife, Catherine, and their daughter, Carmie, re-live David’s disappearance as events are colored through the conflicting memories of wife and daughter. Despite great loss, each day whispers with promises of hope in the face of incalculable loss and the arrival of a cooling rain.

Julia Cho has been a two-time NYTW Emerging Artist of Color Fellow and, along with director Chay Yew, has developed The Architecture of Loss at New York Theatre Workshop over several years.

Scenic Design Riccardo Hernandez
Costume Design Linda Cho
Lighting Design M.L. Geiger
Sound Design Jill B.C. Du Boff
Stage Manager Timothy R. Semon

with Angel Desai, Mia Katigback, Jason Lew, Will Marchetti, Matthew Saldivar, Victor Slezak and Eric Wippo