Next Door at NYTW provides a home for companies and artists who are producing their own work. This initiative provides each project with subsidized resources and space for development and performance in the Fourth Street Theatre. As part of an ongoing effort to expand support for artists at every stage of their careers, this series served nearly 100 additional artists in the first year alone.



Good Neighbor Program Directions Accessibility

Little Lord’s
Created by Little Lord
Directed by Michael Levinton


March 8, 2019—March 23, 2019

Good Neighbor Program Directions Accessibility
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SKINNAMARINK: What is this play about? Who wrote this play? Why did they write it? Would you like to grow up without being able to write? Who is a greedy girl? What is a glutton? What is important about the sun and the moon and the wind and the rain and a bug and a bee and a—BELL BELL BELL BELL BELL BELL BELL. Based on the deceptively simple yet rich language in “McGuffey's Eclectic Readers” — a series of 19th-century American schoolbooks that taught generations how to read, think, and behave — SKINNAMARINK is part ritual, part recess, part recruitment. Attendance is mandatory.

SKINNAMARINK received developmental support as part of the 2018 Impact Residency Program of the Drama League and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, and through residencies with Target Margin Theater and Drop, Forge & Tool.


Michael Levinton / Creator

Michael Levinton is a writer, director, performer, and creator of original work for the theater. As Founder and Artistic Director of Little Lord, he has developed and premiered ten original productions at venues such as Abrons Arts Center, Bushwick Starr, Chocolate Factory, HERE Arts Center, Incubator Arts Project, OHIO Theatre’s Ice Factory, Judson Church, Dixon Place, Target Margin Theater, and UNDER St. Marks. Layering avant-garde techniques with ransacked camp traditions, Levinton’s work with Little Lord has been praised as “eerie and dangerous,” “a beautiful, uncomfortable, hallucinogenic ride,” and “a fever dream that straddles the line between ecstatic and tragic.” In addition to Little Lord, Michael Levinton is a producer, curator, and non-profit management consultant, and has worked with dozens of NYC performing arts companies in generating and growing new artistic programs. He is a 2018 Drama League Resident and an associate artist of Target Margin Theater.

Little Lord / Brooklyn-based theatre company

Little Lord is a Brooklyn-based company that creates vibrantly bawdy, irreverent, intelligent, queer, funny (and often musical) theater. Aggressively reinterpreting classic, neglected, and found texts, Little Lord plunders the literary canon in order to forge new plays from old parts. Ultimately seeking to uproot “the familiar,” Little Lord holds a funhouse mirror up to our shared cultural memories in order to challenge and delight audiences with the possibilities of the theatrical form. Founded in 2007 by Artistic Director Michael Levinton, Little Lord’s work has been praised as “thought-provoking” and “fearless in its weirdness.” Recently: “NOW IS THE TIME. NOW IS THE BEST TIME. NOW IS THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE” (Abrons Arts Center, 2016); NYTimes Critics’ Pick “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS” (The Brick, 2015); “Pocahontas, and/or AMERICA” (Bushwick Starr, 2013). Also: OHIO Theatre, UNDER St Marks, Incubator Arts Project, Chocolate Factory, HERE Arts Center, Judson Church, Dixon Place. Little Lord has been nominated for 7 New York Innovative Theater Awards, including Outstanding Production of a Musical and Outstanding Performance Art Production.