Next Door at NYTW provides a home for companies and artists who are producing their own work. This initiative provides each project with subsidized resources and space for development and performance in the Fourth Street Theatre. As part of an ongoing effort to expand support for artists at every stage of their careers, this series served over 300 artists in the first two years alone.



Good Neighbor Program Directions Accessibility

By Sharbari Zohra Ahmed
Directed by Arpita Mukherjee
Presented by Hypokrit Theatre Company


June 4, 2020—June 18, 2020

Good Neighbor Program Directions Accessibility
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Written after the events of September 11th in an attempt by Ahmed to confront her Muslim identity, RAISINS NOT VIRGINS is a story of spiritual and political upheaval combined with the backdrop of New York City dating angst. It tells the story of Sahar Salam, a Muslim American New Yorker approaching 30 and feeling the cultural pressure from her Bangladeshi mother to settle down. RAISINS NOT VIRGINS is a romantic comedy about a Muslim American woman, choosing to practice her religion on her terms and re-interpreting Islam in the process.