Patriot Act


Patriot Act: A Public Meditation
An evening with media critic and political commentator Mark Crispin Miller
Assisted by Steve Cuiffo
Direction Gregory Keller

2003/04 Season

June 22, 2004—July 22, 2004

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Patriot Act: A¬†Public Meditation is not a work of theatre but a provocative, funny, and scary expos√© of threats to our American democracy and freedom. Media critic and political commentator Mark Crispin Miller (the author of books including “The Bush Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder” and the upcoming “Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney’s New World Order“) says there are powerful forces at work in our country, including the Republican Party, Democratic Party, Christian reconstructionists, and the federal government, that are undermining and erasing our fundamental liberties by their relentless contempt for democratic practice and free speech. In Patriot Act, Miller diagrams, pulls apart, and talks audiences through a multimedia presentation of a wealth of material drawn from official government reports, press conference transcripts, and news service material to evidence his case. The media only compounds the problem, according to Miller, by willfully abandoning their constitutional freedom and not reporting the contradictions, equivocations, and downright falsehoods uttered in interviews and press conferences, effectively giving these groups a free ride to say or do whatever they please. Each session of Patriot Act will be unique, as Miller constantly combs through new material to give an up-to-the-minute portrait of what is really going on in America, and audiences will be able to participate in a question and answer period with Miller. Political prestigidator Steve Cuiffo joins Mark Crispin Miller as The Assistant to provide an entertaining blend of political observations and good, old-fashioned sleight-of-hand magic.

Scenic Design Narelle Sissons
Projection Design Kimberly Reed
Lighting Design Jason Lyons
Graphics Design Ken Gordon
Production Coordinator Elizabeth Miller