Text Caryl Churchill
Direction Mark-Wing Davey

1992/93 Season

March 5, 1993—April 3, 1993

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Owners is a nightmarish ride through Britain’s contemporary social landscape.  Crying babies and eviction notices become cannon fodder in this war of domination between the owners and the owned.  the weapons: real estate, romantic obsession, and slapstick suicide.  By upsetting gender expectations and exploiting the tensions between patriarchal aggression and Zen-like acceptance, Churchill creates an incendiary vision of modern London’s family values.

Scenic Design Derek McLane
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind
Sound Design Jon Gromada
Light Direction David Leong
Dialect Coach Elizabeth Smith
Casting Direction Wendy Ettinger
Production Manager George Xenos
Stage Manager Thom Widmann

with John Curless, Lynn Hawley, Tim Hopper, Melinda Mullins, Irma St. Paule, J. Smith-Cameron, Robert Stanton