Oedipus at Palm Springs


Text The Five Lesbian Brothers
Direction Leigh Silverman

2005/06 Season

July 20, 2005—August 28, 2005

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Love! Valour! Lesbians! The Five Lesbian Brothers (comprised of writers/performers Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey, and Lisa Kron) are back after a six-year absence with a sexy new take on a crusty old play. Oedipus at Palm Springs examines the real-life work of trying to love another person through the story of two long-term couples on a weekend trip to the desert paradise. When the Brothers magically mix the fun-loving surface of tanning, mixed drinks, golf and sports utility vehicles with a messy infrastructure of commitment, marriage, passion and motherhood they serve up a comedy so brave it will leave you not only shaken but stirred. Oedipus at Palm Springs is directed by Leigh Silverman, who recently directed Lisa Kron’s Well at both the Public Theater and San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater.

Oedipus at Palm Springs marks the return of The Five Lesbian Brothers to New York Theatre Workshop. Previous productions at NYTW include Brides of the Moon (1997) and The Secretaries (1994).

Scenic Design David Korins
Costume Design Miranda Hoffman
Lighting Design M.L. Geiger
Sound Design John Gromada
Stage Manager Martha Donaldson

with The Five Lesbian Brothers (Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey, Lisa Kron)