Lydie Breeze


Lydie Breeze, Parts 1 and 2
Text John Guare
Direction Itamar Kubovy

1999/00 Season

May 4, 2000—June 18, 2000

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Lydie Breeze is a play about a group of dreamers who retreat to Nantucket after serving in the Civil War to create a Utopian society, who are unable to realize their dream because they refuse to acknowledge and accept their past.  As John Guare describes it, Lydie Breeze “traces the spiritual course of the United States from the post-Civil War to the 20th century- the moment in history when its (American) innocence was slowly being transformed by sordid experience and adventurism.”

Scenic Design Neil Patel
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design Brian Macdevitt
Sound Design Kurt B. Kellenberger
Original Music Adam Guettel
Stage Manager Marci A. Glotzer
Assistant Stage Managers Michael McGoff and Elizabeth Moreau

with Joanna P. Adler, Bill Camp, Alicia Goranson,Jefferson Mays, Elizabeth Marvel, Christopher McCann, Boris McGiver, Alexandra Oliver, Scott Schmidt, Thomas Shaw and Matt Servitto