Light Shining in Buckinghamshire


Text Caryl Churchill
Direction Lisa Peterson

1990/91 Season

February 1, 1991—March 10, 1991

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The year is 1647; the place, England.  It looked, for a moment, as if the common people held their future in their own hands.  The king had been defeated and the new Puritan powers of Oliver Cromwell were still unsure of their control.  Spurred on by an excited population, the Levellers and Ranters pressed for fuller freedoms.  But the new Puritan autocracy withstood the people and finally destroyed them.  Churchill’s exceptionally well-written play asks, what happens to a society when all the rules have been thrown out and everything has to be made anew.

Scenic Design Bill Clarke
Costume Design Michael Krass
Lighting Design Brian MacDevitt
Dialect Coach Elizabeth Smith
Original Music and Sound Design Mark Bennett
Production Manager George Xenos
Stage Manager Liz Small
Casting Wendy Ettinger

with Bill Camp, Philip Goodwin, Steve Hofvendahl, Cherry Jones, Shona Tucker and Gregory Wallace