Light Raise the Roof


Text Kia Corthron
Direction Michael John Garc├ęs

2003/04 Season

April 30, 2004—June 13, 2004

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Through an energetic young man named Cole and his battle to provide homes for those surviving a freezing winter on the streets, in Light Raise the Roof playwright Kia Corthron (the author of plays including Force Continuum and Breath, Boom) humanizes the pervasive and multifaceted social problem of homelessness. As Cole struggles against everything from police raids on homesteaders’ settlements to the allure of substance abuse in order to fulfill his promise of shelter for his dispossessed friends Zekie, Bebbie, Arnell, Em, and Mai, Corthron goes beyond abstract numbers and trends, straight into the realm of human tragedy.

Scenic Design Narelle Sissons
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Light Design Allen Lee Hughes
Sound Design Robert Kaplowitz
Stage Manager Shelli Aderman

with Moe Moe Alston, Rob Beitzel, Caroline Stefanie Clay, Romi Dias, Royce Johnson, Mia Katigbak, J. Kyle Manzay, Chris McKinney, Andres Munar, April Yvette Thompson and Colleen Werthman