Liberty City


Text Jessica Blank and April Yvette Thompson
Direction Jessica Blank
Performer April Yvette Thompson

2007/08 Season

February 15, 2008—March 16, 2008

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Liberty City: a place where people of the African Diaspora have settled; where urban and island cultures rub up against each other, and the site of Miami’s infamous 1980 riots. Enter April Yvette Thompson–a child of children of the 60’s, the daughter of a Bahamian and Cuban father and an African American mother: free thinkers, young radicals and movement people. As the hope of the 60’s and 70’s gave way to the disillusionment and disintegration of the 80’s, April’s family struggled to survive and stay together. Part history, part imagination,¬†Liberty City¬†is her personal story that illuminates the lives of one family through the context of social, cultural, and political events.

Scenic Design Antje Ellermann
Costume Consultant Mattie Ullrich
Lighting Design David Lander
Sound Design Jane Shaw
Video Design Tal Yarden
Associate Video Design Keith Skretch