Jeffrey Essmann’s Artificial Reality


Text and Performance Jeffrey Essmann
Direction David Warren
Original Music Michael John LaChiusa

1990/91 Season

March 21, 1991—May 4, 1991

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Jeffrey Essmann’s Artificial Reality marks his return to character comedy, and includes favorite pieces from the original show- his on-the-skids Barbie doll, his Serbo-Croatian poetess, and, of course, his geriatric fourth grade school teacher, Sister Bernice.  Essmann has also created a host of new characters from his delightfully split personality.  There’s Jean-Louis DeBris, a French Existentialist cabaret singer who finds that it is difficult to get to the point when you don’t believe there is one; Raye, a woman whose lover is- literally- out of this world; and members of a revue celebrating “The Strum and Drang Songbook”.  As always, Mr. Essmann will be accompanied by composer/sidekick Michael John LaChiusa.