Creation, Text and Composition Rinde Eckert
Direction David Schweizer

2007/08 Season

June 1, 2007—July 1, 2007

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Rinde Eckert, a 2007 Pulitzer Prize finalist for Drama and the Obie Award-winning creator of And God Created Great Whales, is renowned as a writer, composer, director and performer whose Opera / New Music Theatre productions have toured extensively. In Horizon, a work for three actors loosely based on the teachings of theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Eckert plays Reinhart Poole, an unconventional theologian and teacher of ethics at a seminary. Reinhart, who has been pressured to resign by dogmatic powers within his church, works all night on his last lecture. He also talks with his wife, argues with the ghost of his brother, remembers conversations, and indulges his hobby: writing a comic allegory about two ageless masons who’ve been building the same church foundation for 1750 years. In story, song, movement, and music Reinhart, his family, and his strange masons inhabit a visually brilliant landscape, a moving and funny horizon.

Scenic and Lighting Design Alexander V. Nichols
Costume Design David Zinn
Sound Design and Operation Gregory T. Kuhn
Recording composition and performance Rinde Eckert

with David Barlow, Rinde Eckert and Howard Swain