¡El Conquistador!


Creation Thaddeus Phillips and Tatiana Mallarino in collaboration with Victor Mallarino
Direction Tatiana Mallarino

2006/07 Season

September 20, 2006—October 22, 2006

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Simultaneously a foreign film, theatre play, epic history and telenovela, ¡El Conquistador! was created on location in Bogotá, Colombia and centers around Polonio, a peasant who flees his war-ravaged village to become a soap opera star. What he finds instead is a job as the doorman of a fancy high-rise apartment building populated by crazy and exotic residents who are portrayed by some of Latin America’s best TV stars (who appear via video). ¡El Conquistador! is a visually stunning, funny and moving play conceived, performed and designed by renegade theater artist Thaddeus Phillips, who collaborated with Colombia’s leading TV actor and director, Victor Mallarino, to create this vivid picture of contemporary Latin America.

¡El Conquistador! is performed in Spanish with English subtitles.

Scenic Design Thaddeus Phillips
Lighting Design Jeff Sugg
Sound Design Jamie McElhinney
Video Design Austin Switser
Stage Manager Rachel Zack

with Thaddeus Phillips
On video Cristina Campuzano, Luis Fernando Hoyos, Helena Mallarino, Tatiana Mallarino, Victor Mallarino and Antonio Sanint