Doña Mañana


Presented by People's Theatre Project

December 3, 2021—December 3, 2021

75 minutes with no intermission

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The year is 3050. A group of immigrants have sparked revolution in the Nation, a dystopia where assimilation was forced. Hearing the collective voice of the people, Doña Mañana—one of the revolutionaries and now the first female, Afro-Latina president—and her team set out on a quest to dismantle the system and bring full liberation to the people.

Devised and performed by the People’s Theatre Project (PTP)
Company: Reyna Bonaparte, Mayelin Annet Geraldino, Eunji Lim, Chuk Obasi, Vida Tayebati and Journey A. Peters.

Rooted in Upper Manhattan, PTP is a social justice arts organization that creates ensemble-based theatre with and for immigrant communities to develop the next generation of diverse, socially-engaged artists and leaders.

Understudies: Cynthia Lizardo, Travis Raeburn
Original music created and performed by: Darian Donovan Thomas
Directed by: Zafi Dimitropoulou Del Angel, Artistic Director
Assistant Director: Joshwald Martínez-Peralta, Artistic Manager
Stage Manager: Alyssa Rios
Costume Designer: Gylanni Carrington
Lighting Designer: Duncan Davies
Scenic Designer: José Noel