Conception and Direction Anne Bogart
Creator and Performer Will Bond
Text Arrangement Jocelyn Clarke

1997/98 Season

April 22, 1998—May 31, 1998

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Inspired by the internationally renowned theatre director Robert Wilson, Bob is a dip into an engaging perspective about family, art, and American culture.  In Bob, Bogart examines a creative crisis in the making, where American pop culture and high culture collide.  At its core, Bob is a piece that speaks directly to everyone who has ever been challenged by society in an effort to achieve their goals.

Scenic Design Neil Patel
Costume Design James Schuette
Lighting Design Mimi Jordan Sherin
Soundscape Darron L West
Assistant Direction Andrew Kranis
Movement Consultant Barney O’Hanlon
Company Stage Manager Megan Wanlass