All That I Will Ever Be


Text Alan Ball
Direction Jo Bonney

2006/07 Season

January 17, 2007—March 11, 2007

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Alan Ball is the creator of HBO’s Emmy Award-winning “Six Feet Under” and the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of American BeautyAll That I Will Ever Be is a darkly funny tale of cultural provocation and our eternal search for belonging as seen through the relationship of two young men in contemporary Los Angeles: Dwight, a privileged native Angeleno, and Omar, an enigmatic immigrant from the Middle East. All That I Will Ever Be is directed by Jo Bonney (The Seven at NYTW, the recent revival of subUrbia).

Scenic Design Neil Patel
Costume Design Emilio Sosa
Lighting Design David Lander
Sound Design Darron L West
Stage Manager Larry K. Ash

with Patch Darragh, Kandiss Edmundson, Austin Lysy, Peter Macdissi, David Margulies and Victor Slezak