June 21, 2024   by NYTW

As we approach the final days of Jeremy Blocker‘s tenure as our Executive Director, the staff has been reflecting on the tremendous growth of our organization, the unforgettable experiences, and the thoughtful dedication to making change that Jeremy brought to this job day after day.

We’ve been so fortunate to be part of Jeremy’s story for the past decade and we’re confident that his chapter in the Workshop’s history book is indelible. His tenure is especially remarkable because of his kindness, his grace and his steadfast leadership, especially during the uncharted disruption of the pandemic.

Our community is dedicated and we don’t let go of people—so we’re not saying goodbye today, just a “see you on East 4th Street soon!” The bond we build through our common love and appreciation for our work on and off our stages remains. We hope you’ll join us once again in congratulating Jeremy on his new role as the Head of Live Creative Producing at Audible Theater!

We leave you with Jeremy’s own words from our recent intimate send-off:

“I resisted the idea of this job [at the Workshop], for months—quite emotionally and quite intensely—and was convinced over the course of many meetings with many members of this community that it would be a special place to work. And it has surpassed every possible expectation or hope or dream that I could have had for it.”

“They weren’t all easy years—they weren’t all easy decisions or easy moments—but they were all deeply rewarding in the end. I am going to miss being a daily part of the life of this place. But I will always be a member of this community, I will always be a fan of this theatre.”

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