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Our question to the NYTW staff this month was in honor of February as Black History Month. We asked the staff: What are your favorite Black-owned businesses? 

Patricia: On our block – Alex Harsley (photographer) and Esenshel Hat Store by Rodney Patterson 

Claire: Bed Vyne Wine! 

Daniel: Uptown Veg in Harlem is a Black-owned vegan restaurant specializing in Caribbean food. The flavors are immaculate and the comfort the food brings can only be compared to a warm hug. 

Megan: Cafe Moca. Also, EatOkra.com is a great resource to find Black-owned restaurants nationwide! 

Santiago: Tsion Cafe (763 St. Nicholas Ave between W 148th and 149th St). This restaurant offers delicious Ethiopian cuisine. I would personally recommend the messer wot and some extra injera on the side. 

Psacoya: Revolution Books in Harlem is a black owned bookstore. Melba’s is a Black-owned restaurant in Harlem. It’s so tasty and it’s my favorite restaurant in the city. 

Maya: Camille Rose 🙂 

Brennie: Zaca Café in Bedstuy – delicious food with lots of vegan options! 

Yang-Yang: I love going to Mikey Likes It Ice Cream over on Avenue A. Mikey Cole is the owner and was featured on a charming Humans of New York story. My favorite flavors are the “Foxy Brown” and the “Southern Hospitality.” They also have dairy-free and vegan options! 

Waverley: Maison Noir is a vineyard located in Oregon, and they’re amazing to use for gifting because they have a cheap flat shipping fee of $5. Also, Cloudy Donuts is an incredible Baltimore-based vegan donut shop with a location in Brooklyn Heights, and they just opened a new location in NoLIta. And in my neighborhood, they sell donuts on weekends and then give their kitchen space to other chefs throughout the week, which is a special, community-driven business model! 

Corey: I have ordered all my books from Cafe Con Libros in Brooklyn for 7 years now, I love them!! Also co-signing Maya on Camille Rose — their Moisture Milk is my favorite hair product EVER. Additionally, Harlem Biscuit Company will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So delicious. 

Leah: Semicolon Books! My all-time favorite booksellers (and that’s saying something!)! Black and woman owned, Semicolon Books is a nonprofit bookseller located in Chicago. But don’t worry about the location, you can support them by ordering all your books online! I could gush all day about all their cool work, but my favorite program is #CleartheShelves. Every month, they invite Chicago Public School students to their store to take home any books they like—for free! This initiative serves to raise literacy rates in Chicago and beyond. You can donate to this vital program HERE. Hey, I’m a fundraiser at heart. 😊 

Uno: Alexandra Winbush is a local Black woman-owned wellness brand created by actor Brittney Alexandra Winbush, who founded the company as an outlet to create art and cope after experiencing a house fire that nearly ended her life. She provides self-care resources with her candles, teas and playlists. Super cool how she made something good out of a traumatic situation. 

Justin: I really love Ra’s Plant Based, and they recently-ish announced that they’re opening another location in the West Village. Super delish Ethiopian food that is great for sit-in or takeout. Good vibes all around. 

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