April 12, 2021   by Scheherazade Quiroga

When your mind is instigated to overload with stimuli, you default to the resources of your youth. For me, it was a chismógrafo done in audio form.

This is a page right out of the life of playwright Victor I. Cazares, filled with stories and Latino-pop references to challenge even the world of their NYTW original Pinching Pennies with Penny Marshall.

Don’t worry, your pronunciation and reference guides are below, and they’ll take you right where you need to go if needed.

Ready to hear?

(In order of appearance)


Venison tamales, recipe

La Grande Belleza

Before Night Falls

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Vicks VapoRub

Cuna de Lobos

Imperio de Cristal

Juan Gabriel

Monty Don

7th Day Adventist Church

The Rain God by Arturo Islas

Walter Mercado

Three Angels Network

María la del Barrio

María Mercedes


Fernando Colunga

Café Tacuba


Control Machete

Juan del Diablo

Corazón Salvaje (1993)

Super Mario Bros


Rolling Stone Hamilton Article


Sophie Ann Stevens

Chiquita’s El Paso

Venezuelan Quesillo recipe (for Victor only)


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