Although we’ve had to pause our business on East 4th Street, many of our Good Neighbors are still fulfilling online and takeout orders. If you’re a member of our local East Village and Lower East Side community, consider placing an order to help our neighbors. We’re eagerly awaiting our return to East 4th Street when we’re able to throw open the doors and welcome everyone back in!

Click Here to see our Good Neighbors


Here are some ways to stay engaged and updated with our local community!

COVID What’s Open East Village is organized by the East Village Community Coalition, which is operated by a group of volunteers in the East Village working hard to create a neighborhood-wide database of businesses open for takeout, delivery or shipping, to help sustain our local economy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Things To Do For Lower East Side History Month 2020 by FABnyc is a compilation of virtual events and articles about our local neighborhood in the LES.

The People’s LES, initiated by Downtown Art and FABnyc, is curated to recognize and value the Lower East Side’s historic identity as a community of immigrants, workers, artists and activists; develop a shared platform for both existing and new People’s LES stories and histories; commission public art works and murals related to those stories; and convene historians, artists, organizers, local leaders and residents in public dialogue to connect the past with the present and help shape a future vision for the neighborhood.


We recognize that this can be a lonely and isolating time for people (or just a moment where we all have some extra time on our hands) and we would like to bring our community together and make some new introductions!  Since we may not be able to see our actual neighbors, we would like to create a community of new, virtual neighbors.

Are you looking for an email pal, phone call or video call once or twice a week? If so, please fill out this short Google form or email us and we will be in touch to get you started with a virtual neighbor from the NYTW community!


Don’t forget to fill out the official NYC Census 2020! The taking of the census is mandated by the United States Constitution and has occurred every ten years since 1790. Census information is used to determine New York City’s fair share of billions of dollars in federal funding for public education, affordable housing, infrastructure, and more—including the number of seats we have in Congress.


Check out the NYTW Virtual Programming page and step into our virtual theatre for Mondays @ 3 Master Classes, Fireside Chats, AfterWords, Jam Sessions and more! Our programming is free and open to the public, just make sure to register in advance!

Latest updates on COVID-19 by the New York City Government, updated daily at 5PM EDT.

Dancing Alone Together aims to be a central resource for the dance world during this time of “social distancing” and does not host classes or events, but rather collects information about the following types of online opportunities to make them easily accessible.