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Since its creation in 2005, the goal of NYTW Public Programs has been to foster public discourse by creating opportunities for exploration of the themes and questions raised by NYTW’s theatrical productions. NYTW has greatly increased its efforts to include members of its community (i.e. residents, local businesses and neighborhood groups) in forums for nuanced discussions of relevant issues of the day.

NYTW's 25th Anniversary Public Program event Two-and-a-Half Decades of Serving the Artist.
Panelists: Artistic Director James C. Nicola, Doug Wright, Associate Artistic Director Linda Chapman,
Lisa Kron, Christopher Grabowski, Leila Buck, and Morgan Jenness.

NYTW’s Public Programs have been primarily comprised of three main types of activities:

(post-performance talkbacks)

Panel Discussions
and Dialogues

Online Resources

The aims for these programs are:

•To fulfill NYTW’s mission to produce work that stimulates reflection and dialogue, and advances new approaches to theatre-making.

•To contribute more expansively to New York City’s intellectual and cultural life by utilizing NYTW productions as catalysts for cross-cultural exchange.

•To provide opportunities for NYTW to develop strategic partnerships with other New York institutions including universities, museums, foundations, and local businesses through jointly-produced panels, dialogues, and presentations.

NYTW continues its popular AfterWords post-performance discussions: free events after select performances where the audience participates in an open conversation with members of the cast and creative team. Designed to provoke further thought and dialogue about the production and artistic process, this forum aims to give audience members the chance to ask questions of the cast, directors, and design teams about their specific choices and objectives, they will be able to more fully engage in the artistic process.

Panel Discussions and Dialogues
Each season, NYTW organizes a series of discussions to enhance our productions. These events feature artists and scholars in conversations exploring the plays’ aesthetic, historical, and/or political contexts.

Online Resources
New York Theatre Workshop offers recorded excerpts from Public Programs and other discussion events in our public programs archive. Audiences who attended the live events and supporters who missed them have the opportunity to listen to these stimulating conversations at their leisure.

NYTW also includes links to relevant dramaturgical research, articles, and interviews with the creative team on
its production web pages. Visit NYTW's production archive and click on the individual shows to access these resources.

KAOS creator Martha Clarke
with dramaturg Giovanni Papotto
participating in an Artist Dialogue