2050 Fellowships

We are now accepting preliminary applications for the 2050 Fellowship.
Preliminary applications are due by 5pm on Monday, November 4th, 2013


The United States is rapidly changing. The U.S. Census Bureau expects that by the year 2050, there will be 439 million Americans
(there are 312 million of us now) and for the first time, there will be no single racial or ethnic majority. 

These projections provoke thoughts about the transformations that will take place in the American landscape over the next 37 years—technologically, environmentally, demographically, and artistically. They are a catalyst for broader questions about our moral and artistic future. How do we define diversity? Whose stories aren't being told? What lies ahead for our world? 

In response to these questions, NYTW has expanded its Fellowship program to support the diversity of voices that will make up this new minority majority. NYTW is re-affirming our responsibility to nurture artists who reflect this multiplicity of perspectives, challenge the dominant paradigm, and give voice to those whose experiences are not often heard. 

The 2050 Fellowship is an expansion of NYTW's Emerging Artists of Color Fellowship, established in 1995 out of NYTW's fundamental belief that a diversity of thought, experience and culture is crucial to theatrical innovation. We remain committed to this conviction by expanding the way we identify an artist who is eligible for our Fellowships toward a more inclusive and wider range of artists of varied backgrounds and aesthetics.

As an institution, NYTW is constantly interacting with and being informed by the diverse body of artists we serve. We seek to listen and respond to untold stories and underrepresented voices, and our roster of artists has always embodied a multitude of communities. In addition, as both a laboratory for theatrical exploration and a producer of plays, NYTW supports projects that are aesthetically, thematically, and methodologically varied. We seek Fellows who reflect, celebrate, and practice this diversity, and who are dedicated and motivated candidates wishing to develop their talents and craft by participating in a dynamic, artist-centered creative community.

In addition, NYTW has chosen to name its new fellowship program the 2050 Fellows so that in our support of emerging artists, we hold these questions, provocations, and speculations about our future society at our core. NYTW seeks to support emerging artists who, with their unique voices, give us perspective on the world in which we live; and who challenge us all to embrace the creation of this new world.




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NYTW Emerging Artists Fellows and Vassar interns at a mentoring workshop with Flemish director Ivo van Hove and designer Jan Versweyveld at the Vassar College Summer Residency in 2008