The Secretaries

Text and Performance The Five Lesbian Brothers
Direction Kate Stafford

September 8, 1994—October 16, 1994

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Set Design James Schuette
Costume Design Susan Young
Lighting Design Nancy Schertler
Sound Design Darron L. West
Fight Direction J. Allen Suddeth
Dramaturgy Sybille Pearson
Stage Manager Janet M. Clark
Production Manager Susan R. White

with Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey, Lisa Kron


Slavs!, Thinking About the Longstanding Problems of Virtue and Happiness
Text Tony Kushner
Direction Lisa Peterson

November 25, 1994—January 15, 1995

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Set Design Neil Patel
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind
Sound Design Darron L. West
Dialect Coach Ralph Zito
Movement Coach David S. Leong
Dramaturgs Gregory Gunter, Mandy Mishell
Casting Vincent Liebhart and Meg Simon
Assistant Director Jordan Corngold
Production Manage- Susan R. White
Stage Manager Kate Broderick

with Mischa Barton, David Chandler, Barbara Eda-Young, Ben Hammer, Gerald Hiken, John Christopher Jones, Mary Shultz, Marisa Tomei, Joseph Wiseman

Nobody’s Neighbor

Text Onafhankelijk Toneel
Music Gyorgy Ligeti, string quartet No. 1 Webern etc.
Direction and Choreography Ton Lutgernik
Direction and Dramaturgy Mirjam Koen

February 15, 1995—February 19, 1995

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Reconstruction Scenic Design and Poster Marc Warning
Lighting Design Paul van Laak
Sound Technician Rob Berendse
Rehearsal Direction Nanda Leenders
Photography Jannes Linders
Publicity Gerda Roest
Secretariat Eveline Blok
Managing Direction Corry Prinsen

with Caroline Dokter, Jorge Filio, Fabian Galama, Amy Gale and Gabrielle Uetz

The Family Business

Text and Direction David Gordon and Ain Gordon

March 10, 1995—April 16, 1995

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Lighting Design Stan Pressner
Sound Design David Meschter/Applied Audio Technologies
Additional Set and Costume Pieces Anita Stewart
Drama Coach Joan MacIntosh
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Ed Fitzgerald
Assistant to the Directors Chuck Finlon

with Ain Gordon, David Gordon and Valda Setterfield

Prisoner of Love

Text Jean Genet
Direction Joanne Akalaitis

May 12, 1995—June 25, 1995

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Set and Costume Design Amy Shock
Lighting Design Frances Aronson
Dramaturg Chiori Miyagawa
Assistant Direction Randall Sommer
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Mireya Hepner

with Melvin Butler and Ruth Maleczech