Text Robert Litz
Direction David Esbjornson

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Scenic Design Elizabeth Doyle
Costume Design Marianne Powell-Parker
Lighting Design Greg MacPherson
Sound Design Lia Vollack
Stage Manager Dan M. Weir
Production Manager Darren Lee Cole

with Dan Butler, Carlos Cestero, Christopher McHale, Jay Patterson, Raoul Rizik, Jamie Sanchez, Socorro Santiago

The Big Love

Adaptation by Brooke Allen
From the book by Florence Aadland and Tedd Thomey
Direction John Tillinger

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Scenic Design David Mitchell
Costume Design Jane Greenwod
Lighting Design Dennis Parichy
Sound Design John Gromada
Stage Manager William H. Lang
Production Manager Darren Lee Cole

The Love Suicides at Amijima

Text Chikamatsu
Translation Donald Keene
Direction Jorge Cacheiro (with Matthew Maguire and Stan Wojewodski, Jr., Advisors)

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Scenic Design Norbert Kolb
Costume Design Jim Buff
Lighting Design Mary Louise Geiger
Sound Design Matthew Wiener
Stage Manager Cheryl Mintz

with Elizabeth Fong, Cathy Foy, James Jenner, Dalton B. Leon, Jeanne Mori, Natsuko Ohama, Allan Tung and Peter Yoshida

Coyote Ugly

Text Lynn Siefert
Direction Lenora Champagne (with Emily Mann, Advisor)

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Scenic Design Betsy Doyle
Costume Design Jeff Ullman
Lighting Design Mary Lou Geiger
Casting Joan Fishman and Alan Amtzis
Stage Manager Ken Simmons

with Elizabeth Berridge, Bill Buell, Pamela Dunlap and Michel R Gill

Blood Sports

Text David Edgar
Direction Judy Dennis (with Mark Lamos, Advisor)

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Scenic Design Peter Eastman
Costume Design Barbara Bush
Lighting Design Steven Rosen
Sound Design Richard Einhorn
Casting Joan Fishman and Alan Amtzis

with Patrick Breen, Larry Brycgman, Michael Cerveris, Don R. McManus, John Gould Rubin