Based on the novel "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway
Created by: Elevator Repair Service
ed by: John Collins
Producer Ariana Smart Truman    CAST (in alphabetical order)
Production Stage Manager
& Assistant Director
Sarah Hughes    Frank Boyd Harvey Stone, Harris, waiters, others
Set and Costumes David Zinn   Mike Iveson Jake Barnes
Lights Mark Barton   Vin Knight Count Mippipopoulos, Braddocks, Montoya, others
Sound Matt Tierney
and Ben Williams
  Kate Scelsa Frances, others
Production Manager B.D. White   Kaneza Schaal Georgette, the concierge, the drummer, Belmonte, others
Additional Costumes Colleen Werthmann   Pete Simpson Mike Campbell, waiters, others
Assistant Lighting Designer Dans Maree Sheehan   Susie Sokol Pedro Romero, others
Dance & Movement Coach Katherine Profeta   Lucy Taylor Brett Ashley
Sound Engineer Jason Sebastian   Matt Tierney Robert Cohn
Company Manager Lindsay Hockaday   Ben Williams Bill Gorton, Zizi, waiters, others

the select

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Elevator Repair Service completes its staging of a trilogy of classic American works with The Select ( The Sun Also Rises), a staging of Ernest Hemingway's novel. A stage littered with liquor bottles and cafe chairs transforms seamlessly from Paris cafes to Pamplona streets. After their highly acclaimed adaptations of The Great Gatsby and The Sound and the Fury, ERS turns its sights on Hemingway's alcohol-soaked expatriates in this world premiere that features the ensemble's trademark sound design and highly energized choreography. Hemingway's dry wit, a doomed romance and even live bullfighting (as re-imagined by ERS) make this a compelling conclusion to ERS' exploration of modernist American literature of the 1920's.


In 2006, ERS premiered Gatz. It was our first experiment with staging a novel and it began what was to become a trilogy of pieces. We followed up with a staging of the first section of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and now complete this trilogy with The Select. The ways in which this kind of literary prose is un-suitable for the live stage is precisely what attracted us to the material and our tactics for addressing this compelling problem came from months of prolonged exposure and experimentation. Reading aloud to each other over and over, testing different physical configurations and theatrical styles, we devised a new approach for each book. For The Select, we found ourselves paring and editing and focusing our work on Hemingway's taut and witty dialogue.  Whereas we treated the entire text of Gatsby as a play, speaking every word as dialogue, in The Sun Also Rises we have uncovered a play inside the novel.

Elevator Repair Service is a New York City-based ensemble that creates original theater pieces. ERS was founded by director John Collins in 1991 and has since created an extensive body of work that includes full-length productions and short dramatic pieces. These have been seen all over the world and have garnered awards and accolades in Europe, Australia and the United States. The company builds its work from a variety of sources that include found text, video, film, literature and ensemble-generated choreography. Finished productions clash hi-tech and low-tech design and mix disparate texts and forms to create live performances that are propelled by narrative, humor, pathos and controlled chaos. Since its inception in the early 1990s, ERS has cultivated a large following in New York, around the U.S. and abroad. Its award-winning shows have influenced a generation of theater-makers. ERS is a Company-in-Residence at New York Theatre Workshop.
Performance schedule:
Tuesday - Friday, 7:00pm
Saturday, 1pm, 7pm
Sunday, 1 pm, 7pm

Running time:
Three hours and fifteen minutes
with one intermission

Special performances:
Open Caption on October 2
    First Preview
August 19. 2011

Opening Night
September 11, 2011

Final Performance
October 23,.2011
Student Matinee:
Wednesday September 28

4th Street Bar Association Night:
Tuesday, August 30

Repeat Defender's Night:
Tuesday S
eptember 20

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  AfterWords (post-performance audience discussion):
Wednesday, August 31 after the 7pm performance
With director John Collins and the design team,
moderated by Julian Mesri
Download recording


Tuesday, September 6 after the 7pm performance
With director John Collins and the company,
moderated by Rachel Chavkin
Download recording

Tuesday, September 20 after the 7pm performance
With director John Collins and the company.
moderated by Jackie Sibblies Drury