May 28 - June 30


Based on the books by
Susan Sontag
and edited by David Rieff

Adapted and performed by
Moe Angelos

Directed by
Marianne Weems

Produced in collaboration with
The Builders Association


Video design by
Austin Switser
Sound design by
Dan Dobson

Lighting design by
Laura Mroczkowski

Scenic design by
Joshua Higgason

Costume design by
Andreea Mincic

Makeup design by
Dick Page

Stage management
Lindsey Turteltaub

Production Photos
Single Tickets 65.00 each
Member Guest Tickets:
$25 each for preview performances
$40 each for post-opening performances
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First Preview
May 28, 2013

Opening Night
June 6, 2013

Final Performance
June 30, 2013




Adapted from Susan Sontag’s early journals by performer Moe AngelosSontag: Reborn traces Sontag’s private life from the age of 14 to her emergence as a world-renowned author and activist. The young Sontag wrestles with her emerging sexuality and precocious intelligence, fraught with doubt and insecurity yet driven by her willfulness, ambition and voracious curiosity. The refuge of her diary became integral to her development as a writer,  Sontag says herself, “In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could in person. I create myself.

Directed by Marianne Weems and using The Builders Association's signature synthesis of poetic video and sound, this tightly-crafted story of self-discovery and sexual identity is both exuberant and intimate, exploring the private life, loves and idiosyncrasies of the iconic intellectual.

Program Notes:
In the introduction to the brilliantly edited first volume of Susan Sontag’s journals, David Rieff wrote that his mother “was a great judger” -- obviously a critical judge of many others, but also an unsparing judge of herself. A fascinating aspect of these journals revealed that Sontag would re-read her early journals, often annotating passages and leaving margin notes. Sontag’s act of revisiting her former self served as a springboard for this production in which older and younger versions of Susan intermingle, creating a portrait of this prismatic and elegant mind. 

Sontag was a deeply private person and said many times an artist should be judged by their work alone and not the conduct of their life. Yet, ultimately she left behind in these journals a complex, alluring self-portrait of her own conduct. It is too difficult to not look.

Speaking to herself at age 16, wrestling furiously with her own conscience, Susan asked “What am I to do?” Her later margin note responded: “Enjoy yourself, of course.” –Marianne Weems and Moe Angelos

The Brief:
New York Theatre Workshop’s resource for further exploration of the themes, history and questions raised by our Season’s productions.


Building the Builders Association: A Conversation with Marianne Weems, James Gibbs, and Moe Angelos


Performance schedule:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7:00pm
Thursdays and Fridays, 8:00pm
Saturday, 3pm, 8pm
Sunday, 2 pm, 7pm

Sunday, June 9 - 2pm performance only

Running Time:
85 minutes, no intermission

AfterWords (post-performance audience discussion):

Wednesday, May 29th after the 7:00pm performance
Participants: Moe Angelos, adapter/performer of Sontag: Reborn Ann Reynolds, Associate Professor of Art and Art History and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin Moderated by Nancy K. Miller, Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.
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Sunday, June 9th after the 2:00pm performance
Cucina Chat - After the lights come up, please join us in the theatre for a spirited, “book club” discussion of the play and a glass of wine, compliments of NYTW. Moderated by Ann Pellegrini, Associate Professor of Performance Studies and Religious Studies at NYU.

Tuesday, June 11th after the 7:00pm performance
Participants: Moe Angelos, adapter/performer of Sontag: Reborn Jesse Garrison, associate video designer of
Sontag: Reborn Moderated by Bryn Thorsson, NYTW
Director of Education.

Tuesday, June 18th after the 7:00pm performance
Participants: Marianne Weems, director of Sontag: Reborn
Shannon Sindelar, assistant director of Sontag: Reborn
Moderated by Caden Manson, co-founder of Big Art Group and editor of

Cucina Chats
June 12 and 27
Following these performances, we invite you to join us for $5 wine, beer and well drinks and a discussion next door at Cucina Di Pesce. Unlike our more structured AfterWords series, the Cucina Chats are an opportunity for audience members to explore their experience of the play in an informal “book club” style discussion with fellow audience members.


Student Matinee:
Tuesday, June 4 at 1:00pm

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4th Street Bar Association Night:
June 20

Repeat Defender's Night:
Tuesday, June 11

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