Alice in Bed

Text Susan Sontag
Direction Ivo van Hove

October 26, 2000—December 9, 2001

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Alice in Bed is a play about women, about women’s anguish and women’s consciousness of self: a free fantasy based on a real person, Alice James, the youngest of five children (and only daughter) of an extraordinarily distinguished nineteenth- century American family.

Production Design Jan Versweyveld
Videography Runa Islam
Costume Design A F Vandevorst
Dramaturg Bart Van den Eynde
Stage Manager Martha Donaldson
Assistant Stage Manager Erika Timperman

with Joan MacIntosh and Jorre Vandenbussche
On Video Arija Bareikis, Constance Hauman, Jeroen Krabbe, Elizabeth Marvel, Chris Nietvelt, Paul Rudd and Valda Setterfield


Text Universes
Direction Jo Bonney

July 23, 2001—August 5, 2001

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Scenic Design Scott Pask
Lighting Design James Vermeulen
Sound Design Darron L West
Projection Design Robin Silvestri
Music Consultant Carlos Valdez

with Gamal Abdel Chasten, Lemon, Flaco Navaja, Mildred Ruiz and Steven Sapp


Text Adam Rapp
Direction Marcus Stern

May 16, 2001—June 17, 2001

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Scenic Design Christine Jones
Costume Design Viola Mackenthun
Lighting Design John Abrosone
Sound Design David Remedios, Marcus Stern

with Candice Brown, Marin Ireland, Will LeBow, Nicole Pasquale and Dallas Roberts

Up Against the Wind

Text Michael Develle Winn
Direction Rosemary K. Andress

April 2, 2001—April 14, 2001

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Scenic Design Narelle Sissons
Costume Design Olu-Orondava Murnford
Lighting Design Peter West
Sound Design Jerry Yager
Stage Manager Anthony Detrano

with Olubunmi Banjoko, David Brown Jr., Kevin Daniels, Hazelle Goodman, J.D. Jackson, Nashawn Kearse, Tracey A Leigh, Anthony Mackie, Jesse J. Perez, Christopher Rivera, Joseph Siravo, Tracie Thoms and Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Resident Alien

Text Tim Fountain
Direction Mike Bradwell

January 18, 2001—February 25, 2001

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Scenic and Costume Design Neil Patel
Lighting Design Brian MacDevitt
Sound Design Jerry Yager
Stage Manager Charles Means

with Quentin Crisp and Nancy Robinette

Bread and Roses

Text Martin Duberman
Direction Michael Sexton

December 16, 2000—December 17, 2000

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Bread and Roses is a play about the life of Emma Goldman

Production Design Marsha Ginsberg
Sound Design Joanna Lynne Staub
Lighting Consultant Jesse Chan-Norris
Stage Manager Jennifer Rae Moore
Assistant Stage Manager Erika Timperman

with Jenny Bacon, Mia Barron, John Deyle, Maggie Lacey, Ken Marks, Jefferson Mays, Tommy Schrider, Mara Stephens, Michael Stuhlbarg, Laruine Towler, Sam Tsoutsouvas and Oliver Wadswoth

Street of Blood

Text, Direction, Set Design and Costume Design Ronnie Burkett

September 6, 2000—October 15, 2000

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When Mrs. Edna Rural pricks her finger and bleeds on her sewing, the face of Christ is revealed to her in a quilt square, and the Shroud of Turnip Corners changers her sleepy prairie town forever.  The media and the faithful converge, joined by a has-been Hollywood starlet, who coincidentally is a vampire, and a karaoke performer bent on a campaign of terror to arouse gay anger and exact revenge.  Just as the blood bath begins, the man in the quilt appears in the flesh, leading to the discovery that the bonds of blood are thicker and stranger than anyone might have individually believed.  Last autumn, the Canadian press lauded Street of Blood with The Calgary Herald asserting, “Even for the jaded playgoer, Burkett’s work is a triumph of theatrical illusion.  It’s bloody brilliant.”

Lighting Design Bill Williams
Sound Design Cathy Nosaty
Stage Manager Terri Gillis

with Ronnie Burkett